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The regrettable result of this situation is the fact that Molly Hooper.

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The regrettable result of this situation is the fact that Molly Hooper.

The Ecstasy Explosion by AKABess (E, 3641 w. || Sherlock/John/OFC || Threesome – M/F/M, sex pollen/chemical aphrodisiac, dub-con as a result of sex pollen) – Sherlock unintentionally doses himself, their housekeeper (never Mrs. Hudson) and John having a biological representative whoever unwanted effects consist of extreme horniness.

Non Johnlock Threesomes

When after which once again by LuxObscura (E, 6115 w. || Molly/Lestrade/John || Threesome – M/F/M) – Molly Hooper has historically bad taste in men – they’ve tended to be either selfish or simply just oblivious. The regrettable result of this case is the fact that Molly Hooper has never ever had a climax during intercourse with another individual. John and Greg, being both stand-up blokes and intercourse on feet opt to assist her down with this specific situation.

The Thanks You will get by Rehfan (E, 13482 w. || Lestrade/OFC, Sherlock/OFC, Sherlock/Lestrade, Sherlock/Lestrade/OFC || Threesome – M/F/M, 1920s AU, romance, het-sex, voyeurism) – It’s 1920 additionally the mystery of a missing jewel is resolved. Through the situation Greg Lestrade has dropped for a female above his meagre place. Their boyfriend Sherlock Holmes is not too delighted about any of it, nevertheless the detective’s fascination is piqued. What’s a woman to accomplish whenever two gorgeous guys desire to satisfy their… curiosity? Chapter 1 is established, 2 is Lestrade/OFC, 3 is Sherlock/OFC, and 4 is all three of these.

Other Group Intercourse fics

001 by tepidspongebath (E, 5926 w. || John/Sarah, John/OFCs, John/OFCs/OMCs, John/Sherlock || het-sex, Threesome – M/F/F, Foursome – F/F/M/M, Foursome – F/M/M/M, double penetration, Sherlock’s deductions) – Every time John has intercourse, Sherlock deduces precisely what he’s been as much as as he gets house. John gets down on Sherlock’s deductions of occasions, and begins having more adventurous intercourse with additional and much more individuals in order to hear Sherlock duplicate it back into him (also to you will need to switch on Sherlock).

002 by tepidspongebath (E, 3914 w. || Sherlock/OFC, John/OFC (called Mary, not canon Mary) || het-sex, sorta foursome – F/M/M/F) – Wherein John and Sherlock idea two girls at a club, and simply simply take them house for some instead unconventional enjoyable. Pancakes are promised, and delivered. Ultimately. Because of this prompt regarding the kinkmeme: “John and Sherlock head to a club, chat up two good girls, take them house and screw them. Hand and hand, on a single bed. Since they can. “

Team Player by Persiflager (E, 4649 w. || John/Bill Murray, John/OMCs, John/Sherlock || Gangbang, Voyeurism) – After a fight with Sherlock, John meets up chatting naked along with his old army mates and blows off some steam. With this prompt in the kinkmeme: “John, in a fit of Sherlock-doesn’t-love-me angst, visits their Army mate meet-up to see a few old friends. Sherlock needless to say follows in key and chances upon exactly just just what this kind of band of vets I did so to allow down vapor. John given that primary attraction associated with the gangbang and bonus points if one of these is a little more well-endowed and dirty speaks John like hell. ”

An end to Boredom by emmagrant01 (E, 81665 w. || Sherlock/John, John/OFCs, John/OMCs, John/OFC/OFC, John/OFC/OMC || Voyeurism, het-sex, double penetration, light Dom/sub, Dom Sherlock, sub John, sex club, pining) – Sherlock takes John to a sex club to view him log off with individuals. It begins being a test in intimate response, but develops in to a hot Dom/sub relationship where Sherlock chooses who what things to John. My description cannot do that fic justice. It really is fandom famous for reasonable, it is certainly one of the latest, kinkiest, friends to fans fics there clearly was. There’s also a delightful podfic by finnagain available (we dare one to pay attention to it in public places rather than blush).

Many thanks all for the recommendations, I’ll be reading them all!! (’twas me whom asked btw) XD XD

Zandalorscat stated: we don’t keep in mind any real threesomes within the sex that is great, but there’s a great deal of a couple going at it while a 3rd one watches

Nessanarmolanya included: the fantastic Sex Olympics features 4 sessions of John or Sherlock sex that is having some other person even though the other watches. It’s hot.

Personal provider by Calico (E, 9,478 terms. || 3some (m/m/m), double penetration, barebacking, sub! Lestrade)

Gratuitous porn, remixed being a favor from another fandom’s penetration prompt that is double. Yeah, I’m perhaps not yes exactly what the redeeming feature is either…

(this will be Sherstradelock – and goddamn it really is hot as hell. We get back to this fic for a basis that is semi-regular. It’s total PWP and definitely indulgent, and I also suggest it to anybody to locate a threesome with a little bit of kink included for spice. )

wpadminThe regrettable result of this situation is the fact that Molly Hooper.

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