Integration Services

Systematic Bytes provides integration services for integrating different business processes and systems at Enterprise level. Enterprise integration is a complex and time taking process. With the advancement in technology using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), web-services (SOAP / RestFUL), XML-RPC, and XMPP, enterprise integration has become even more challenging.

The legacy integration mechanism based on direct database integration is still in practice. Though, it’s not recommended way of integrating between applications, but some organizations are still following the old practice.

Systematic Bytes with its team of experienced professionals in the system integration have proven expertise in CISCO UCCE and CISCO UCCX IVR and CTI integration with different systems in the past.

The team has experience of integrating contact centers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, IBM MQ, Ericsson IN (AIR interface), Oracle Siebel and direct database integration with Oracle, and SQL Server.

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